Emergency notification
        Recently some friends reflects the And-Win Home Screen frequent appear pop-up screen with exception infomation after the installation.After investigation, we found that they installed the so-called "cracked version" and "xx version" on some crack site. please be sure to Download the latest version in this web.I do not take responsibility for the loss that you download crack version in other forums.
What's And-Win Home Screen?
        And-Win Home Screen is a plugins which running on the android 1.6 above,it simulated Mac's display style and operating practices perfectly. it integrated file browser, lyrics synchronized player, map navigation, free text messaging, alarm clock, weather, etc.. if you want to enjoy all the features of the software, you need apply And-Win Home Screen Gold membership account,please access on your computer, and click "Member Registration" on the top of the page, according to page navigation prompts to register. after the application is successful, you can use your account to login this and Enjoy all the features of the software and services.

What are the functions of And-Win Home Screen?

  • My Computer
    Integrated PC-style Explorer and Applications List Manager, easy to browse your files.
  • Control Panel
    Manage the desktop shortcut icons, change the desktop background, set the sidebar toolbar.
  • Internet
    Integrated Google browser, Internet Explorer, UC Web browser that allows you easy access to network.
  • Entertainment
    Integrated Lyrics synchronized player,, albums, photography, FM and other functions.
  • Pass the time
    You are in a meeting or class? Must be very boring? you can use this feature to pass the time.
  • Convenient services
    Integrates social networking, happy farm, blog, free SMS, online chat and translation functions.
  • Information Manage
    Integrated SMS, MMS, email inbox,you can communicate with friends at any time and everywhere.
  • Call Management
    Integrated phone,call history, address book, contacts , to make your communication more effective.
  • Desktop Management
    Integrated manage desktop icons,start menu management, change background, by long press desktop.
  • Sidebar tool
    Provides weather forecast,clock,alarm clock,information panel,you can long press the desktop to set.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which phone is suitable to install And-Win Home Screen?
  • This software run on the mobile phone (including Ophone) and Tablet PC which running Android 1.6 above. It supports various resolutions of the mobile phone, including QVGA, WQVGA, VGA, WVGA, HVGA and other screen.
  • How Install And-Win Home Screen?
  • Unzip the package to a folder After downloaded, then following the installation instruction file named 'Readme.htm' to install. please click 'And-Win Home Screen' to open in the applications list of android,then check the 'use by default for this action' in the menu, and click 'And-Win Home Screen'. please make sure your phone is based Android 1.6 above.

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