Payment Instructions
    You can register account by this page online,there are many ordering options are available: Credit Card,FAX Ordering,Postal Mail,Phone and Purchase Order.

    Caution: If you make an online purchase, please DO input your information correctly! Some customer cannot pass the "Fraud Check".

    Most reasons why an order failed the review:
  • IP Address country does not match postal address country
  • Bank name entered did not match the real bank name
  • Other orders from the same customer that also failed review

        Note: If you didn't get response from after make an online order for 24 hours, please send me a mail to

        Registering will give you the following benefits:
  • Remove Un-Register message that popup on screen;
  • No annoying reminding Message;
  • Lifetime free updates;
  • Prior support and fixes.
  • ...and much more.
  • Payment and purchase account,You can pay and register by click the following button:     

          if you have any question about payment,please contact with us by